Roadnet Customer Spotlight – 2012 Roadie Award Winner Grupo Modelo (Video)

We are proud of our 2012 Roadie Award winners. Their commitment to fleet and transportation management  excellence, innovative efforts, green measures and operational efficiency is exemplary. Sharing their fleet’s stories is a compelling way to bring to light the details of their success. It’s truly powerful, which is why we are highlighting each Roadie Award Winner with a dedicated blog post to showcase the specific ingredients to their achievements.

In the competitive category of Operating Efficiently, the 2012 Roadie Award winner is none other than the iconic beverage company, Grupo Modelo! A global beverage distributor of popular brands such as Corona, Grupo Modelo began utilizing Roadnet vehicle routing and scheduling products a few years ago.

Grupo Modeo first introduced dynamic routing and Territory Planner to just one third of their 4,000 routes and achieved an outstanding return on investment (ROI). Since that time Grupo Modelo has been running more efficiently and strategically and today, they have more than 120 distribution centers routing dynamically.

The company now effectively uses both route optimization and fleet visibility tools, including Territory Planner, Roadnet and MobileCast. This combination has empowered Grupo Modelo to carefully examine each territory and route and effectively account for cost and service.

cost by value graphic

Territory Planner has helped determine the best model for each delivery route territory based on the distance between the customer, the distribution center and the drop size. While Roadnet provides the daily route optimization needed to constantly measure and improve route efficiency, MobileCast provides the data to improve for the future. To do this, Grupo Modelo analyzes the daily results including the time it takes to travel between customers, as well as the actual time spent with the customer. Combined with visibility into route deviations and unplanned stops, this information provides valuable insight as to key areas for improvement.

For Grupo Modelo, customer service is the center of their vehicle routing operation. Keeping customers happy is vitally important, and balancing a service focused operation with cost efficiency is an ongoing process. To be successful, this requires consistent evaluation of routes and proactive customer communication.

Efforts have paid off; Grupo Modelo has saved 7% in fuel and has reduced mileage nearly 1.9 million miles! Their routes are balanced. Their deliveries are on-time. Their carbon emissions are lower than ever. Most importantly, their customers are happy.

We are excited to recognize Grupo Modelo as a 2012 Roadie Award Winner for Operating Efficiently. Check out their 2012 Roadie Award video below!

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