Special Announcement: Roadnet MobileCast for Android is HERE!

Many have been waiting on the edge of their seats, but now, officially, the Roadnet MobileCast client for Android has arrived!

“The landscape of mobile devices is experiencing rapid change. Never have we seen so many devices or operating systems to choose from,” says Kevin Haugh, VP of Product Management and Product Marketing. “Roadnet is going to ensure that we are embracing mobile technology and the advancements that come with other operating systems.”

Did you know that in the third quarter of this yeaRoadnet MobileCast mobile Android application r 75% of the smartphones shipped were Android phones? Google’s Android OS is taking the smartphone market by storm! Android offers the ability to respond to the market, create new, faster applications with some features that are Android specific which in turn benefit our vehicle routing software customers. MobileCast for Android truly epitomizes how we’re moving forward with technology.

As you know, MobileCast is comprised of two components, the robust server-side dispatching application and the mobile client that fleet drivers, merchandisers and sales reps use. Our new Android client is specifically for the mobile world.

The initial reviews are in – it runs faster, is more streamlined and offers Android-specific bells and whistles such as Google Maps, Voice Navigation and Live Traffic that we can’t offer with other operating systems! For full details on MobileCast on Android, check out our press release announcing the launch.

If you’re interested in joining the Android mobile revolution, please contact us at info@roadnet.com or contact your sales representative.

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