Maximize ROI with Vehicle Routing & Dispatching Software

For a number of industries like beverage and foodservice, summer is the high season – high volume, high customer expectations, high stress. Every day is a challenge but with the right vehicle planning, routing and dispatching software you can handle it. That is why many have made such an investment; to use the best and most current tools to help reduce transportation costs while maintaining excellent customer service.

Unfortunately, what many companies forget is the need to keep those vehicle routing and dispatching tools current in order to continue receiving their maximum benefits, and a consistent return on investment.

The astonishing pace of change in computing power means that a route planning software package installed just a few years ago, with no subsequent upgrades, will likely not be as powerful as something more current. A route optimization engine receives adjustments and enhancements, just as a truck engine might, but you can only take advantage of them if you keep your system upgraded.

For example, the Roadnet Transportation Suite is continuously being improved with behind-the-scenes updates to the algorithms and interfaces to keep your system running at peak performance. These improvements might not be as visible as a new customer-facing feature, but when you are able to take greater advantage of your IT infrastructure to get a faster, perhaps better optimized solutions, that is change you can take to the bank – literally.

So regardless of whether you are in your high season, recovering from it, or preparing for it, take the time now to check with your vehicle routing and dispatching software provider for their latest upgrade.

For our Roadnet Transportation Suite users, this means requesting your upgrade to version 3.50 from our Customer Support team [ / 800.762.3638]

Any advantage in your favor is always worth a few minutes time particularly if it helps keep you ahead of your competition and improve your ROI and bottom line costs.

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