Snapshot of Success, Roadnet Customer Improves Safety and Efficiency

One of the most effective ways to learn is through the experiences of others. When it comes to changing a process or implementing a new program, such as how your company manages transportation operations – getting a glimpse of the real world challenges and solutions faced by others can be highly valuable. At Roadnet Technologies the results and success achieved by our customers paint a picture of how our fleet management and vehicle routing and scheduling tools solve problems and create new opportunities.


UniFirst, headquartered in Wilmington, Massachusetts, is an industry leader in workwear and textile services to more than 240,000 business customers throughout North America. With over 3,000 vehicles they utilize our transportation management software products – Roadnet, Territory Planner, MobileCast, and most recently, Roadnet vehicle telematics to efficiently power their fleet thousands of miles to deliver uniforms and other products to businesses everywhere.

UniFirst began using our vehicle routing software, the Roadnet Transportation Suite, nationwide in 2009. UniFirst’s individual locations now use Roadnet for daily vehicle route planning and scheduling, while Territory Planner is used centrally to develop re-routes when new customers or acquisitions are incorporated into the company. MobileCast supports the whole process by providing accurate validation of service times and geocodes.

Recently UniFirst piloted Roadnet Telematics, a vehicle telematics solution to help monitor and improve safety practices (such as speed control). Roadnet’s solution combines GPS-based onboard vehicle monitoring technology and engine diagnostics with mapping and reporting software to track fleet vehicle operating and usage data. At UniFirst, the system provides drivers with audible alerts after five minutes of idle time, speeds over 70 mph for tractor trailers, and 65 mph for delivery vans, which comprise the majority of the fleet.

“Before implementing Roadnet Telematics, we were unable to receive accurate and true information on operational data. Information like engine idling times, driving speeds, and other driver behavior, including compliance of safety protocols and the proper following of the most efficient pre-determined routes,” explains Lauren Fraumann Barros, fleet safety engineer for UniFirst. “We’ve already seen a measurable improvement in the performance habits of our thousands of drivers.”

Overall, Roadnet’s vehicle routing and scheduling solutions have allowed the company to attest to the following savings:

  • 2,000 miles saved using Territory Planner to re-route a single new acquisition
  • 51% reduction in speeding instances over 75 mph during initial pilot
  • Over $300,000 estimated savings across the entire fleet by reducing idling

Through a commitment to manage transportation operations with greater efficiency this Roadnet customer is able to share their experience. Fleet management tools provide tangible results, impacting the bottom line. Unifirst’s experience offers a snapshot of the opportunity to drive such results within your own operations.

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