Knowledge is the Key to Staying Current within Your Job, Your Operation, and Your Industry

If you were a doctor or a lawyer, you wouldn’t even think twice about the importance of continuing education, attending conferences, or reading industry publications.

But do you have the same concerns for keeping current within your own profession?

There are a lot of moving parts for those in the transportation logistics industry – from new laws and regulations to technological advancements, and a myriad of other changes that can impact your operation. Making the time to stay current can provide you with access to vehicle routing and route planning best practices and trends, allowing you make informed decisions. Ultimately this empowers continuous improvements in operational efficiency while maintaining the type of working environment that retains employees and customers.

Perhaps you spend some time glancing through the industry publications that come out each month, but allocating a little bit more time to this can take you a long way.  Connect with others in your industry through associations, conferences or events. Find out what tools and practices they have employed – understand where they go for information and share your knowledge as well.

  • Who are the thought leaders, analysts and trusted advisers in your space? Twitter and Linkedin can be great places to start.
  • Which industry publications report the most important, relevant news, trends and resources?
  • What organizations do you see that appear to be helping companies in your industry achieve more success?

By uncovering this, you may find a critical piece of news – a highly useful tip – or a new tool that revolutionizes the way you do business.

Whether you are new to the vehicle routing industry, your job, or you’ve been in your current position for over 20 years, knowledge is the key to greater success. For example, if you knew that your top competitor was doing something different and taking your clients, wouldn’t you attempt to find out what they were doing or how you could do something to set yourself apart? Why not be the one ahead of the curve – setting the pace and leaving competition in the dust?

Make a goal to improve the success of your business as well as your career and industry aptitude. Attend an industry related event, pledge to read those transportation management industry publications that clutter your desk each month, or further your knowledge with the tools you have in place by registering for a Roadnet University course or the 2012 Roadnet Roundup Users Conference.

If you’re a Roadnet vehicle routing software customer – keep in mind that spaces are filling up for our 2012 Users Conference. This knowledge source is packed with learning potential – to register visit

Regardless of which avenue you pursue, allocate some time to stay current regarding the news, resources and information that apply to your organization. Talk to others and find out what events they attend and what resources they use, access the internet to locate publications and thought leaders. Not only will you have greater perspective as to what is impacting your job, operation and industry – you will gain visibility to make effective decisions, and plan for the future.

For more direction, talk to us –

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