Roadnet’s Company Meeting Alive with Community Spirit

Twice a year the Roadnet Technologies vehicle routing team gets together as a company to meet and discuss current and planned projects by department. Our CEO shares information regarding our routing software product vision and performance. Company spirit and knowledge is abound – with stories of success and plans for the future. As amazing as this all is – these meetings also present the opportunity to accomplish much greater things…

At our January 2012 Company meeting, following our organizational updates and plans for the year, Roadnet Technologies had the opportunity to build and provide 30 bikes to local Baltimore youth! We were able to successfully present 30 children’s bikes to the Women’s Housing Coalition and Father O’Neill Council. These adorable 20” huffy bikes included designs for both boys and girls, and are sure to put a wide smile on 30 young faces!

To construct the bikes, the Roadnet Marketing team got truly creative. It was important to promote team building; therefore, employees were challenged to solve puzzles to receive parts for the bikes and tools to build them. Employees broke into groups, working together for a great cause. Competition was thick, with the first team completing the puzzles and building their bike in about 1 hour!

After bike assembly was complete – each bike went through a rigorous Quality Assurance check. Our CFO and Vice President of Sales led this effort – checking that each bolt was tightened and each tire filled with air. In fact, some employees tested the durability of the bikes by taking a brief spin themselves.

Once all 30 bikes were assembled, and quality checked – we lined them up in a row for presentation to the charities. Our CEO, Len Kennedy shared some words, and graciously thanked employees for their community spirit and participation. Eleanor Fried of the Women’s Housing Coalition and Bob Wooley and Bill Santo of the Father O’Neill Council were the pleased recipients of the bikes. What a great effort for a great cause.

For more information, read this press release.

Roadnet Technologies Company Meeting - Huffy Bike Presentation

Huffy bike presentation at Roadnet company meeting

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