Operational Analysis – Getting the Most from Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Technology

Have you ever bought a new piece of technology- maybe a cell phone or something similar- and realized you know how to work the basic functions, but feel there is so much more you could get out of it?

Buying a fleet tracking and vehicle routing software solution can evoke the same feelings, if you’re not utilizing the fleet management application to its fullest. But the effects can be much more far reaching in terms of your business – being able to save an extra 5% in fleet and vehicle transportation costs may prove more significant than being able to download the latest apps for your cell phone!

At Roadnet Technologies we offer our customers an option to engage in specialized training through a ROAR – Roadnet Operations Analysis and Review. This specialized program takes an in-depth look at our customers’ operations, analyzing the current use of Roadnet Transportation Suite.

What’s the objective? To provide a complete assessment of how our route planning applications are performing in our customer’s environment. This involves comparing current results and processes against the goals of our fleet management customers’ management team, measuring all efficiencies, and ultimately providing detailed information on where or how to get more out of the vehicle routing and scheduling software.

So, how does it work? At Roadnet, we  assign a senior consultant to conduct a two day audit by observing daily procedures, examining specific Roadnet Transportation Suite data and discussing objectives with your personnel, from the routers to senior management. The results of the assessment are then documented in a report, which measures the current effectiveness of Roadnet Transportation Suite use. Also included in the report is a strategy for improvements and recommendations in the vehicle routing, planning and scheduling process.

The Goals?  To provide a set of actionable steps to save more money and more time through the use of our solutions. ROARs also help to identify training needs and solve current routing and fleet tracking problems. This inside look at your data and process is a truly valuable experience to maximize your fleet management operations with Roadnet.

With a new year upon us, it’s a great time to conduct an operational analysis. If you’re a current customer and interested in scheduling a ROAR for your fleet operations, email us at info@roadnet.com and we’ll get you in touch with your account manager.

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