Should your company implement driver performance pay? Find out in this webinar.

Studies have shown that performance pay increases worker output. If you’ve considered driver performance pay, you may not know where to start. Is it worth implementing at your company? How do you design a plan? Whether you’ve thought about driver performance pay or simply want more information, you won’t want to miss this new webinar.

Join us as we review performance pay research and apply it to the transportation industry. You’ll learn about the benefits of performance pay, how to design a plan, what existing models look like, and more.

What: Understanding Driver Performance Pay
When: Wednesday, September 2 | 2 – 2:30pm ET
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Key takeaways:

  • Learn how driver performance pay can help you increase driver productivity, balance customer service demands with efficiencies, and increase safety and savings
  • Understand how to work toward specific goals such as reducing cost per mile, reducing vehicles, and more
  • Learn how to spot trends in data with easy-to-understand data visualization tools

Can’t make it to the live event? Register anyway and we’ll send you a recording!

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Webinar this week – Driver Harassment and the ELD Mandate: What to Expect

ELDwebinar_driverharassmentA big question related to the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is how the rule, once finalized, will address driver harassment. Join compliance expert Tom Cuthbertson for a brand new webinar on how the mandatory use of ELDs will address concerns about driver harassment.

Don’t miss the chance to gather as much information as possible before the end of September — the targeted date for the final rule.

Whether the topic interests you or not, you’ll want to join in for the expanded live Q&A session with Tom following the presentation. He’ll take your questions about the mandate and hours of service. And if you can’t make it live, sign up anyway to receive a recording.

Driver Harassment and the ELD Mandate:
What to Expect
Date: Wednesday, 8/26
Time: 2:00pm ET
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Key items to be discussed include:

  • What are considered harassment issues — from log hours changed without driver knowledge to shippers forcing drivers to move vehicles from property when no drive hours or duty hours remain available
  • Items that appear to address the harassment issue for drivers, such as allowing drivers to edit logs and create annotations on entries and edits
  • Items that the back office needs to consider to address harassment

After the presentation on driver harassment, we’ll take your questions about the ELD mandate. We hope to see you there!

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The Transportation Manager’s Role in Analytics

If your company is considering analytics, there are certain things that the transportation or operations department should research. Careful consideration during the purchasing process will be critical to how you are able to solve business challenges down the road. Transportation and operations managers can bring a lot to the table when it comes to venturing into analytics.

If you think Transportation isn’t in the big data game, think again. GPS positioning data and vehicle data (critical events, engine performance, driver performance and sensor information) from telematics devices classifies as big data with more and more information being added all the time. All of that pushes us into the big data arena.

If you haven’t jumped on the analytics train, have no fear. Gartner Inc. reports companies are in all stages of analytics adoption, with many still in the beginning phases.

Gartner slide

In years past, use of analytic technologies was led by large companies with large staffs and deep pockets. That’s all changed. Today, it doesn’t matter if you have 5 routes or 5000+ routes. Analytic tools are affordable, easy to use, and available. If you haven’t started yet, it’s time to get moving!

Think about your Business Problems
Without doubt, selecting an analytics tool will expose you to some of the coolest technology around. You’ll be excited watching demonstrations of all the fascinating things an analytic tool can do, with a feature list longer than a novel.

  • Can it sort data?
  • What kind of metrics can I get out of this?
  • Can I click and drill?
  • How much history can I see?
  • Can I print a graph?
  • Can I export data to Excel?

These are all great questions that should be asked. However, features don’t solve business problems.

As a Transportation professional, you play a special role in the selection of analytic tools. You know your business; its strengths and weaknesses. You know what problems need solving. Where do you struggle and where do you need help?

What are your pain points?

  • Maybe you get 3 reports on Friday in a spreadsheet and that’s all you see. You need more visibility into the company.
  • Maybe your costs are increasing but you have no way to track those changes and the impact to the business over time.
  • Maybe you get all the information you need, but have to go to 5 or 6 different systems to get it. You’re tired of piecing together reports from multiple places.

Analytics is a tool to help solve these problems. Your role is to clearly define the business problems and keep the team focused on solving them.

For more information on our analytics solution, Roadnet Insight, contact us at

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Routing and tracking your fleet is now easier with release of Roadnet Anywhere v3.7

The latest version of Roadnet Anywhere is finally here and ready to make routing and tracking your fleet even easier than before. This update features major convenience upgrades to Roadnet Anywhere, including: Routing, Dispatching & Roadnet Mobile and Insight, in order to make using them as simple and pain-free as possible.


Perhaps the most helpful upgrade for Roadnet Anywhere is the ability to now communicate with your workers while they are on the road by sending in-app messages in real time. Notice that a highway is backed up? You can now alert your driver and inform them of the best path to avoid it before they get caught in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

We all know KPIs are important, but what about the interpretation of the data? Well, while you are viewing KPIs with other workers in your company, you can now create a discussion in real time, getting input from everyone involved.

Exciting new features include:

  • For Insight – Both KPIs and people can now both be organized into groups, allowing you to share any combination of KPIs with any combination of people. No longer do you have to waste time by sending the same KPIs to many different people individually.
  • For Routing & Dispatching – Roadnet Anywhere now remembers the last data transfer layout set and file path override you used for each region, no longer forcing you to remember to update it every single time.
  • For Routing – You can now ignore route constraints, allowing you to have a route reflect best cost instead of forcing you to always use the template route.
  • For Dispatching – Odometer information is now tracked by jurisdiction, meaning that you can now easily see how much your routes will drive in each state.

For more detailed information on RNA v3.7, or to review all of the new features, contact us at

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Register Now! How to Effectively Route Dynamic Workshop

RU_logo_cmyk_MKT155The Roadnet University team has created a fresh new workshop to fully explore dynamic routing from the ground up in terms of the required data and maintenance elements, selection of the dynamic method(s) to implement, the necessary testing required, and the setup of dynamic passes. Through the use of interactive discussions and numerous  hands-on exercises, attendees will not only develop the needed skills to set up dynamic routing – they will also be able to match their organizational requirements with the applicable routing method.

What: How to Effectively Route Dynamic Workshop
Where: Roadnet University | Baltimore, MD
When: September 15-17, 2015
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Learning Objectives:

  • Set the routing stage with core data and system maintenance requirements
  • Recognize the importance of matching the business rules with the applicable routing option
  • Create and implement the different types of routing options such as Preferred Routing, Cells, Zones and Standard Route Sequencing.
  • Use route tests to develop the dynamic pass settings
  • Learn effective methods of time windowing routes to meet customer requirements while optimizing resources


This workshop also introduces the option to become a Certified Roadnet Dynamic Router. This will require completion of a hands-on dynamic simulation test on the last day of the workshop. All attendees will receive a certificate of completion for attending the workshop. Attendees that choose to complete and pass the Routing Simulation Test will also receive a second certificate in recognition of becoming a Certified Roadnet Dynamic Router. This is the first time we are offering a Roadnet University certification. The certification will require re-certification every two years to maintain the designation.

Who will benefit from this workshop:

  • Routers/Route Analysts
  • Transportation Managers and Directors
  • Anyone involved in the selection and/or the creation of the appropriate routing strategy in your organization
  • Recommended team attendance: router and manager, which allows for discussions on how dynamic routing aligns with your organizations business rules and objectives*

Tuition includes workshop, training materials and Simulation Test.

*Multiple attendee discounts are available – contact Lynn Cooper at 410.832.4937 or Linda Harris at 410.847.6251 for more information.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your organization to the next level in routing and to become a Certified Roadnet Dynamic Router. As there are limited seats available, we recommend registering early. For more information, call Lynn Cooper at the number above or email her at

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