Continuous Improvement through Data Capture

Businessman Man Working At OfficeWith the explosion of new GPS and mobile technologies, along with HOS regulations, fleet tracking is front of mind for many organizations. Tracking and capturing data provides a great deal of insight into your business: where you’ve been, what you did, and how long it took to perform certain functions. Also helpful and often overlooked, historical tracking activity offers insight into future events.

A statistic from the 2014 National Private Truck Council Benchmarking Survey Report shows the need for tracking technologies:

 “More than 1/3 of the driver’s day is spent in non-driving functions.”

What does this mean? There is a huge opportunity to use tracking technologies to make improvements. Through data capture, you can understand the driver’s job function and activities.

This is a technological revolution. You can now make accurate estimates about what your drivers or technicians need to do in the field. It is no longer enough to know how long it will take to drive from place to place. It’s important to use the activity-based data that you capture from your field workforce to enhance your planning process. If you aren’t doing this, you could be measuring your employees against an inaccurate benchmark.

At Roadnet Technologies, we model our solutions after this simple motto: Plan the work and work the plan. What’s the sense in knowing where your drivers are if you don’t know where they’re supposed to be? In addition to measuring activity against a plan, it’s important to use data feedback to make improvements. If are aren’t continuously improving your planning accuracy, you might be missing a golden opportunity.

Here’s another important statistic from the NPTC survey:

“91% of the respondents report the primary reason for operating a private fleet is because it provides better customer service.”

What does this have to do with data capture? When you track drivers and use that data to make improvements, you are sure to provide more accurate information, and better service, to your customers.

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Don’t miss: Bottom Line Results with Driver Dispatching

truckwithdollarsignsWhen your business spends time fielding calls about where deliveries are all day, you lose time and money. In our live 30-minute webinar, we’ll explore how tracking and monitoring trucks and drivers helps you provide superior service to customers.

If you work for a small to mid-sized business and you want the latest information about dispatching technology, this online event is for you.

Bottom Line Re$ults with Driver Dispatching
Wednesday, 10/29 | 1 – 1:30pm
Presented by Cyndi Brandt

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This webinar is part of a short series covering routing, dispatch and analytics. Email us at to get access to our customer routing webinar recording.

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This Wednesday: Going beyond driver tracking. Mobile solutions webcast

touch screen tablet with  graphMobile technology is taking delivery and service companies to new heights – far beyond driver tracking. Solutions today not only drive costs down and productivity up, but keep customer satisfaction front and center.

If you manage fleets and are looking for the freshest technology out there to cut costs and exceed customer expectations, you won’t want to miss this 30-minute event.

What: More than Driver Tracking. Service Mobilized
When: Wednesday, 10/22, 2 – 2:30pm ET
Host: Laura Lohrke, Mobile Solutions – with Q&A from Cyndi Brandt

You will learn:

- Specific mobile solutions that are used to gain more efficiency and cost savings
– How technology is used to measure what matters and how this impacts your business
– Examples of how to put these plans into action

Register: Sign up to attend the webinar here.

Busy schedule? Register anyway and we will email you a recording of the webcast.

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