This Wednesday: Going beyond driver tracking. Mobile solutions webcast

touch screen tablet with  graphMobile technology is taking delivery and service companies to new heights – far beyond driver tracking. Solutions today not only drive costs down and productivity up, but keep customer satisfaction front and center.

If you manage fleets and are looking for the freshest technology out there to cut costs and exceed customer expectations, you won’t want to miss this 30-minute event.

What: More than Driver Tracking. Service Mobilized
When: Wednesday, 10/22, 2 – 2:30pm ET
Host: Laura Lohrke, Mobile Solutions – with Q&A from Cyndi Brandt

You will learn:

- Specific mobile solutions that are used to gain more efficiency and cost savings
– How technology is used to measure what matters and how this impacts your business
– Examples of how to put these plans into action

Register: Sign up to attend the webinar here.

Busy schedule? Register anyway and we will email you a recording of the webcast.

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A don’t miss webcast next week: Customer route planning made simple

As businesses grow, it can become a chore to handle daily orders. A changing customer base, new locations being added to routes – makes it complex to maintain excellent customer service – it’s not an easy task.

If you work for a small to mid-sized business and you want to learn how to save significant time and money with customer route planning, we’d like to invite you to join us for our upcoming event. This webinar is part of a short series that will cover routing, dispatch and analytics.

Here are the details:

When: Wednesday, 10/15, 1pm ET
Host: Cyndi Brandt, Product Strategist
with Q&A from Lisa Grueninger, Product Manager

You will learn:

•  How to lower costs while reaching more customers and improving service
•  Steps to shorten planning with routing and dispatch apps
•  Best practices for optimal route creation and measurement

Register: Sign up to attend the webinar here.

We hope you’ll join us for this 30-minute power session. Stay tuned for more webinars soon!

Can’t join us for the live webinar? Register anyway and we will email you a recording of the webinar.

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Drones: Like it or not, they are coming

We’ve heard a lot of talk about drones the last several months – from Amazon to Google to UPS and now Deutsche Post AG. But the Deutsche Post story is a little different; they’re actually using them! Deutsche Post announced that they are using drones to fly from Norddeich on mainland Germany to the island of Juist, Germany. This 7.5 mile unattended flight will deliver medications to the car-free island rather than utilizing the once-a-day 2.4 hour ferry ride. While the drones can only deliver 2.6 pounds, it’s a positive step for supporting the usage of drones.

The United States has forbidden the use of drones…for now. Surely with the investment that companies such as UPS, Amazon and Google are making in the technology it will be allowable and viable in the future. Google has been working with drones for two years testing in delivering key supplies to remote areas of Queensland, Australia – making the use of drones very appealing for the delivery of critical goods to very remote locals.

How will this impact wholesale distributors in the U.S.? Right now, maybe it won’t since droneresizethese types of distribution typically involve quantity and quite a bit of weight. But in the future, as drone use grows, you never know just what could be delivered  – or if distributors will start to do more work with end customers. After all, isn’t Amazon just one big distributor?

Bottom line, don’t turn a blind eye to drones – they may be playing a bigger role in all of our businesses in the future.

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