New webinar this week- What Fleet Managers Need to Know when Considering Business Intelligence Tools

Analytics is hot in the transportation industry. These days, Transportation Managers are called upon more than ever before to understand analytics and be part of the buying and implementation process.

Join us this week for a brand new webinar as we give you key things to know when looking at analytics tools. We’ll discuss implementation and

What: What Transportation Managers Need to Know about Analytics
When: Thursday, May 21st | 1pm ET
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Key takeaways:

  • Review what to look for when choosing analytics tools – such as implementation and startup time, and maintenance costs
  • Understand your own role in the purchase of analytics tools
  • Learn how your involvement in analytics implementation guarantees success

Register even if you can’t make it and we’ll send you the recording!

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Better Customer Service with MobileView

Customers are king! Most likely, your organization subscribes to this notion because customer service helps to drive the loyalty of new and current customers – which in turn drives business. These days, personal consumer experiences are greatly impacting expectations within the business world; consumers want real-time information on products and services purchased. And this trend isn’t stopping.

So how do you balance customer expectations and service while remaining fiscally responsible? When dealing with transportation logistics, savings can come from many places. Time is money – so managing your time and your mobile employees (including mileage, windshield time, and customer face-time) impacts both the bottom line and customer service. Having quick access to real-time business information provides key indicators to focus on both customer expectations and savings. The solution exists today: Roadnet MobileView.

RNR_Apr15_RMV QuickStats
It is probably no surprise that for executives and management, one of the most important aspects of a business application is the ability to garner meaningful information that can positively impact a business’ efficiency and bottom line. One of our goals is to determine better ways for Roadnet customers to gather information quickly and easily. Roadnet MobileView was introduced last year to provide on-the-go technology with real-time information. Managers of all levels no longer have to be tied to their desk to answer the age old question “Where’s my truck?” Additionally, managers have real-time statistics of how the day is playing out, who’s behind schedule, and who’s ahead – along with views into completed deliveries, pending deliveries, and more! Roadnet MobileView allows managers to seamlessly collect key information, anywhere, anytime using a mobile phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

RNR_Apr15_MobileViewsidebysideDaily logistics isn’t static; it happens in real time. Isn’t it time to be proactive and not reactive? Wouldn’t it be nice to know how your day is unfolding before someone calls you? With Roadnet MobileView, you’ll have visibility into the day’s routes, stops, mobile resource performance, and expectations at your fingertips.

So, how does Roadnet MobileView work? MobileView is part of the Roadnet Transportation Suite (RTS). Real-time information for mobile devices feeds Roadnet MobileView, which provides insight for fleet managers to become more nimble—adjusting operating procedures to decrease mileage and windshield time, reduce fuel costs, increase safety, and manage driver behaviors while improving customer service.

What specific information does MobileView offer, i.e. which screens can you see on the go?

  • Map view is a quick view of all your trucks on one screen. Easily see the status of the vehicle, as well as drill down for route details, including the planned route versus actual GPS route
  • Performance view lets you see a quick review of how your routes look for a specific time period, including comparison information to previous days, as well as benchmarks you can configure
  • Quick Stats view lets you see a quick review of how your routes look for that day – excellent for Transportation Ops Managers  who want to immediately know how the day is shaping up
  • Routes view is a timeline view showing where drivers are in reference to their day, if there are exceptions, if a route has run long, plus more! Drill down for route details
  • Exceptions displays exceptions that have been triggered throughout the day, including options to filter exception and acknowledge exceptions, so you can quickly address issues
  • Cancelled Stops displays stops that have been cancelled; managers can quickly know what customers many need to be contacted to address the canceled stop
  • Historical Routes view by employee – detailing travel information, including mileage and travel time, plus more within a specified date range
  • Historical Service is for customer service purposes, by location view service time (face-time) and number visits during a specified date range

Whether in the office or on-the-go, Roadnet MobileView helps to answer key questions you run into daily: “Are drivers following the plan, or driving extra miles? How did the route compare to what was planned? How many unplanned stops were made?” Answering these questions are all essential components in the transportation industry to help drive savings through efficiencies. Let Roadnet MobileView help you to execute on the idea of plan the work, and work the plan. Otherwise, you might be missing a golden opportunity for improvement.  Stay tuned – there’s much more to come!

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Route planning software could have prevented major DC traffic jam

StuckTruckA cringe-worthy image of a truck stuck in a bridge has been circulating the web today. Fortunately, the truck was freed from a low-clearance George Washington Memorial Parkway bridge this afternoon. This mishap, which blocked DC traffic and surely caused some embarrassment for the driver, could have been avoided through better route planning. Using the proper attributes in your routing is critically important, as we witnessed today. With Roadnet and Roadnet Anywhere software, you can set location and vehicle attributes so that a truck this size will never be on a route that passes through a low-clearance bridge. Or you can eliminate roads that have commercial truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, or even construction or weight restrictions from your plans.

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New webinar: Route Optimization – Driving Change by Reducing your Transportation Costs

Moneytruck_MarketoRouting is an ongoing process with changing elements – those responsible for routing change roles, customers move locations, and you get more orders as your business grows. How you use your routing software today may not be the most efficient way to achieve your goals. You are efficiently getting orders in and drivers out the door each day – but is that enough by today’s standards? You need to also be providing superior service and controlling costs to the best of your ability.

Join us next week for a webinar that discusses how route optimization services can help you realize your full savings potential without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

What: Route Optimization – Driving Change by Reducing your Transportation Costs
When: Thursday, 4/30 |11 – 11:30am ET
Register now!

Key takeaways:

  • Understand how to identify hidden inefficiencies – such as inaccurate time windows and geocodes, which directly impact routing sequencing – and how to continuously address them as your business changes
  • See examples of how route optimization services have led to transportation cost reduction, improved customer satisfaction, updated maintenance data, and more
  • Learn how to establish a baseline solution so you can measure success and strategically push further on costs savings

Can’t make it to the live event? Sign up anyway to receive a recording of the webinar.

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Introducing the New Roadnet Telematics

What do you get when you add a telematics solution to a world-class routing solution? A complete picture of where your fleet is at all times, but with more than just the ability to compare with planned routes. You have a full understanding of how your assets are being operated.

Knowing where your vehicles are is important. It’s the answer to perhaps the most-asked question by customers; “Where’s my delivery?” However, in this day – where the government eye is increasingly more watchful, and the ramifications are greater than ever – keeping your drivers, assets, and other commuters safe is more important than ever.

This is the basis of Roadnet Telematics. It adds a key set of data to your planning and dispatch activities to help you coach drivers to be safer and more efficient – and to be a more powerful asset to your organization.

Roadnet Telematics offers you real-time awareness of how drivers perform behind the windshield. You can increase safety by reinforcing driver behaviors, get GPS tracking of drivers, and measure how much time is spent servicing customers.

telematicsblog_image1pngThis online platform is easy to use and accessible anywhere you have access to the web. It also serves up a tremendous amount of valuable, actionable information. There are many ways to view, track, and monitor your fleet’s activities with both summary and detail information.

Track route progress and histories and, in combination with planning, see missed service windows and know if routes ran to schedule. You can also track exception details, stops, and service times – on a map, in a stop list, and on the timeline with route playback – to get a linear view of how the route ran.

There are a number of telematics exceptions that you can set up to see where you can define your acceptable thresholds. Know where and when vehicles were speeding, taking corners too quickly, harsh braking, and idling. You will even know when vehicles drive outside of designated hours or go to locations that you would consider restricted. This can all be seen on a map or in the many data analysis tools that come with the system.

telematicsblogimage3These tools include the many detailed and summary reports that can be scheduled to be received via email. There is also a customizable scorecard that can be set up against any combination of exceptions and color coded to easily manage driver behavior and better coach them to be safer and more efficient.

Roadnet Telematics also includes the powerful Insight analytics tool for telematics, which gives you the ability to dissect data like never before. You will gain insight into telematics key performance data through charts and graphs. With this tool, you can drill into data and spot trends like no other in the industry.

With the new Roadnet Telematics, you have access to the data you need to get your drivers home safely and coach them to be more effective resources for your company. Combine that with routing and dispatching and you have a complete view of your fleet.

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