New webinar: Route Optimization – Driving Change by Reducing your Transportation Costs

Moneytruck_MarketoRouting is an ongoing process with changing elements – those responsible for routing change roles, customers move locations, and you get more orders as your business grows. How you use your routing software today may not be the most efficient way to achieve your goals. You are efficiently getting orders in and drivers out the door each day – but is that enough by today’s standards? You need to also be providing superior service and controlling costs to the best of your ability.

Join us next week for a webinar that discusses how route optimization services can help you realize your full savings potential without sacrificing customer satisfaction.

What: Route Optimization – Driving Change by Reducing your Transportation Costs
When: Thursday, 4/30 |11 – 11:30am ET
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Key takeaways:

  • Understand how to identify hidden inefficiencies – such as inaccurate time windows and geocodes, which directly impact routing sequencing – and how to continuously address them as your business changes
  • See examples of how route optimization services have led to transportation cost reduction, improved customer satisfaction, updated maintenance data, and more
  • Learn how to establish a baseline solution so you can measure success and strategically push further on costs savings

Can’t make it to the live event? Sign up anyway to receive a recording of the webinar.

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Introducing the New Roadnet Telematics

What do you get when you add a telematics solution to a world-class routing solution? A complete picture of where your fleet is at all times, but with more than just the ability to compare with planned routes. You have a full understanding of how your assets are being operated.

Knowing where your vehicles are is important. It’s the answer to perhaps the most-asked question by customers; “Where’s my delivery?” However, in this day – where the government eye is increasingly more watchful, and the ramifications are greater than ever – keeping your drivers, assets, and other commuters safe is more important than ever.

This is the basis of Roadnet Telematics. It adds a key set of data to your planning and dispatch activities to help you coach drivers to be safer and more efficient – and to be a more powerful asset to your organization.

Roadnet Telematics offers you real-time awareness of how drivers perform behind the windshield. You can increase safety by reinforcing driver behaviors, get GPS tracking of drivers, and measure how much time is spent servicing customers.

telematicsblog_image1pngThis online platform is easy to use and accessible anywhere you have access to the web. It also serves up a tremendous amount of valuable, actionable information. There are many ways to view, track, and monitor your fleet’s activities with both summary and detail information.

Track route progress and histories and, in combination with planning, see missed service windows and know if routes ran to schedule. You can also track exception details, stops, and service times – on a map, in a stop list, and on the timeline with route playback – to get a linear view of how the route ran.

There are a number of telematics exceptions that you can set up to see where you can define your acceptable thresholds. Know where and when vehicles were speeding, taking corners too quickly, harsh braking, and idling. You will even know when vehicles drive outside of designated hours or go to locations that you would consider restricted. This can all be seen on a map or in the many data analysis tools that come with the system.

telematicsblogimage3These tools include the many detailed and summary reports that can be scheduled to be received via email. There is also a customizable scorecard that can be set up against any combination of exceptions and color coded to easily manage driver behavior and better coach them to be safer and more efficient.

Roadnet Telematics also includes the powerful Insight analytics tool for telematics, which gives you the ability to dissect data like never before. You will gain insight into telematics key performance data through charts and graphs. With this tool, you can drill into data and spot trends like no other in the industry.

With the new Roadnet Telematics, you have access to the data you need to get your drivers home safely and coach them to be more effective resources for your company. Combine that with routing and dispatching and you have a complete view of your fleet.

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New webcast this week – Route Profitability through Better Driver-Router Relationships

DriverRouterWebinar_truckillustration_crop2Join us this week as we explore how improved driver–router relationships can help your business retain employees and achieve profitable route planning. In this webcast, you’ll learn about what’s behind the behavior of routers, drivers, and dispatchers to better understand why problems arise—and how to address them.

With driver retention as a top industry concern, you won’t want to miss this 30-minute webcast. Presenter Charles Dawson will explain how driver–dispatcher relations is a key predictor of drivers at risk of leaving the industry. He’ll cover ways for drivers and routers to better communicate so your company can be successful.

What: Route Profitability through Better Driver–Router Relationships
When: Wednesday, April 8 | 1–1:30pm ET
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About the Presenter:
Charles Dawson is Product Manager at Roadnet Technologies. Prior to working as an Implementation Consultant and Product Manager for Roadnet, he has seen first-hand the benefits of driver–router communication in his many years of experience as East Coast Transportation Manager in the office supply industry, and Transportation Manager in the toy product industry.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn how effective communication can help fleets better plan and execute profitable routes
  • Understand what’s behind the behavior of routers, drivers, and dispatchers in order to address issues keeping your company from success
  • Tips to build strong working relationships, such as organizing regular meetings to gather driver feedback

Can’t make it to the live event? Register anyway and you’ll receive a recording of the webcast.

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Introducing Roadnet Transportation Suite v3.6.9

The latest version of Roadnet Transportation Suite (RTS) is engineered to deliver greater accuracy and enhance critical decision making for fleets owners, dispatchers, and operators.

The most exciting news is the introduction of our newest product, Roadnet Insight. Insight has been designed to give you a view into your business like no other. Now available with RTS, Roadnet Insight gives managers quick access to transportation data. Insight, Roadnet’s new domain-specific business intelligence tool can be used with both Roadnet and MobileCast to identify trends and drill down to the root cause of major variance to plan.

Enhancements by Module

Territory Planner
Oftentimes, there is a need to change information about a location while working in a planning session. Now, users can change location attributes from within the editor via unassigneds, stop list, locate window, plotted maps, location extensions, or the unrouted list – simply by right clicking.

Projected arrival and departure times can now be updated more frequently by transmitting information when the route starts and departs as well as on stop arrive and depart. This allows ETAs to be more accurate. (Note: this option must be turned on in Dispatch options.)

iOS MobileCast mobile applications

  • Driver verification of starting loads via scan on – Drivers can now make sure the product to deliver is on the vehicle in accurate quantities.
  • Driver verification of ending loads via scan off – Drivers can verify the expected ending load by scanning each item that was declined or picked up throughout the day when returning to the depot, but before the route ends.

Android MobileCast Mobile Applications

  • Zebra QLn420 certified for printing receipts
  • Driver can view inventory while route is in-process
  • Send and receive messages in Preview Mode
  • Auto Start Navigate in Preview Mode when leaving depot or stop

Windows MobileCast Mobile Applications

    • Audible notification if route is changed by dispatcher – Dispatchers may cancel or re-order stops for various reasons. If a driver is using the phone or another application, he may not see the message.

Roadnet MobileView
See insights into how routes unfold throughout the day by including exceptions that occurred on a route while viewing them in a timeline view. Exceptions are identified when they occurred and details are provided when hovering over the item. Also new, is the ability to view historical routes on a timeline.

Also new with MobileView is viewing historical routes on timeline. Choose which 2-week period you want to see while viewing the timeline (instead of only the past 2 weeks).

Reloads that work with specific materials may have a need to ensure that certain materials do not mix. For example, if you are taking waste for disposal you may not be able to mix cardboard and medical waste but could mix cardboard and plastics on the same trip. New rules prevent product types from being mixed on the same trip.

General Enhancements
Editors can now change geocodes without access to all maintenance information. Additionally, time-based equipment costs are added to expand accurate accounting.

For more detailed information on RTS v3.6.9, or to review all of the new features, contact us at

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Take Control of your Transportation Analytics – Learn how in this new webcast

dashboardwebinarimage_blogWe rely more and more on data to make decisions. Fleet owners are measuring business activities, but what are the best practices used by leading companies today?

Data doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Join Product Support Analyst Don Dovgin in this all-new webcast as he simplifies the process for identifying key metrics and provides insight on how to get this information.

What: Take Control of your Transportation Analytics
When: Thursday, March 26th | 1 – 1:30pm ET
Host: Don Dovgin


Key takeaways:

  • Understand which key performance indicators (KPIs) your business needs to measure for success – from cost per mile, to total layovers, to fleet utilization
  • Overcome the challenge of building dashboards through simple planning
  • Learn how good dashboards can effectively illustrate results to executives with easy-to-understand data visuals

Can’t make the live event? Not a problem. Sign up anyway and we’ll deliver a recording of the webcast to your inbox.

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